Information for Pet Owners

Lexie’s Love only provides medical treatments grants for diagnosis’ in companion animals that are considered non-emergency in nature but will greatly affect the quality and length of life of the pet. This would include things like cancer treatments, diabetes control, kidney disease, etc. At this time, we are concentrating our efforts on those who need care and reside in the state of Missouri. Also, please be aware that we cannot, at this time, offer grants for animals who are in a shelter or rescue situation.

Pets MUST be referred to Lexie’s Love through a veterinarian. If your pet has a medical condition such as one listed above or that your vet feels would qualify and you need financial assistance in order to give your animal the medical care it needs, please have your vet contact us. Your veterinarian can submit a Veterinary Referral to us online which begins the process of the Grant Application.

We at Lexie’s Love fully understand the stress and anxiety that may be involved in making financial and life decisions regarding your companion animal. Please know that you are not alone and that your veterinarian and other organizations are there to help. Reach out to your veterinarian an ask about setting up a payment plan for any medical treatments. As a valued and trusted owner, many vets will find a way to help you out, but you must be willing to discuss your financial situation with them. The Veterinary practice might direct you to services such as Care Credit or Scratch Pay which will essentially loan you money for needed medical treatment. Be aware though, that these services do charge interest!

Additional Useful Info for Missouri Residents

for Assistance in the St. Louis region


Animal Protective Association of Missouri St. Louis provides assistance with vaccinations and routine veterinary care

Humane Society of Missouri St. Louis provides assistance with veterinary care including spay/neuter

Saving St. Louis Pets provides funds for emergency care for strays, rescues and St. Louis pets


For veterans who have service dogs, Title 38, Section 1714 enables veterans to ask their caseworkers to file VA form 10-2641 in order to receive financial assistance for veterinary care of service dogs.
For more information click to view the Dept. of Veterans Affairs FAQ page on service dogs