Lexie’s Love Grant

Lexie’s Love provides grants to pet owners whose companion animal has developed a condition that, without proper treatment, will greatly affect its quality of life. In the instance where the owners find that they are unable to pay for needed care, but they want to desperately to keep and care for their animal, they can turn to Lexie’s Love.

Each application file will consist of the Veterinarian Referral and the Owner Grant Application. Each file will be reviewed on an individual basis. The review will assess the proposed treatment plan for the pet as well as the proposed cost and prognosis of survival. The owner must also demonstrate a true financial need for help in paying for needed medical treatment. It is also essential that it is shown that the owner has taken proper care of their companion animal in the past and that they will continue to do so during the course of treatment and beyond.

Lexie’s Love wants to be there to help your pet! This includes dogs, cats, rabbits, birds (caged), and small animals. Lexie’s Love, unfortunately, will NOT provide funds for farm animals (for example, chickens, goats, pigs), exotic pets (for example, peacocks, primates, hedgehogs, etc), Reptiles, Amphibians or Fish, horses, shelter and/or rescue animals, animals owned by breeders, or animals used for illegal purposes.

Lexie’s Love will under no circumstance, consider funding for emergency services, nor will we consider funding for what is considered basic care of your pet. If you are in need of need of these services, we invite you to investigate the resources listed on the Information for Pet Owners page or to discuss alternate sources with your veterinarian.

Please do not initiate an application for an animal that you have owned for less than one year, or that you adopted with a known medical condition for which you are seeking treatment.


Beginning the Application

The application for individuals seeking a grant from Lexie’s Love is available online only. You will be given the password for the application by your vet or directly from the staff at Lexie’s Love. Before you begin your application, please read over the following information carefully. Should you have any questions, please contact Lexie’s Love and we will attempt to help you through the process.

Applications for grants can only be accepted online AFTER a Veterinarian Referral has been submitted and approved. At that time, you will be given a password for access to our online application. If you do not have internet access your veterinarian can assist you to find the means to fill out the application.

You, the owner, will not receive funds from the grant. Instead, Lexie’s Love will send grants directly to the treating veterinarian AFTER your application is approved and treatment is scheduled. Your veterinarian will have supplied us with the cost of the treatment as well as your payment arrangements. You will be expected to pay for the balance of the treatment as agreed upon with your vet.

Additional information for applicants:

In order to be considered for a grant, you must have been providing your companion animal with proper care, including preventative care. You must have a true commitment to your pet. Your veterinarian will be asked about your demonstrated commitment to your animal which will include opinions as to your responsibility in caring for your animal, emotional attachments, etc. If your pet is ill due to your neglect, we will not consider your application. If you are unable to provide this care, your vet will discuss seeking and alternative home for your animal. This is a very hard decision to make, but the needs and health of the animal are very important. This information will be relayed to us from the treating veterinarian.

While Lexie’s Love will consider grants for chronic diseases, the owner must be aware that the medical costs will be ongoing and may be considerable. If the owner does not feel that they will have the ability to pay for continual care, he/she should discuss rehoming the pet with someone who can provide the needed care.

The goal of Lexie’s Love is to help companion animals and their families stay together in a loving and healthy environment so that they can enjoy years together. Regretfully, we will not be able to fund cases where the prognosis of survival is less than 6 months.

Grants will be limited to a maximum of $500. This means that you must pay for the rest of the medical treatment plan as agreed upon with your veterinarian. Once your grant is approved, you are responsible for making arrangements for getting your companion animal treated within a reasonable time frame. If arrangements are not made for the medical care within a 60 day period, owners risk having the grant revoked.

In a perfect world, we would have the resources to provide grants for every animal that needed medical care, unfortunately, we cannot do that. Should your grant be denied you will not have the opportunity to appeal the decision. Lexie’s Love does not, nor will we ever, discriminate on the basis of age, gender or race.

The Application

Click here to access your confidential online grant application. At the application page, enter the password which you were given and then complete all sections of the application.

When the application is submitted, we will review it for completeness and will contact you if additional information is needed.

Both you and your vet will be notified about our decision. It is our hope that decisions can be made within a 72 hour period, but in times of heavy volume, application processing may take longer. All applications will be processed in the order received.