Our Family

Although Lexie’s Love is still in its infancy, we have already been able to make a difference in the lives of families Missouri. With your help Lexie’s family can grow even larger—each family we are able to help will be added to our family tree



In 2016, Lexie developed Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia—a rough diagnosis to deal with, but with love and determination, she overcame the odds. While spending untold hours among other families who were having to make heartbreaking decisions about the health of their beloved pets, we realized there was a great need out there for financial help.



Buddy was Lexie’s Love very first ‘client’.
Buddy had a tumor on his parathyroid that had to be surgically removed. Thankfully, received his care from the nationally renowned vets and staff at the University of Missouri Veterinary Health Center! Jaime, Buddy's mom is a vet tech at the center, so his continued love and care was assured.
Buddy celebrated his 10th birthday not too long ago and it is obvious that he is a healthy and happy dog!


George is a 7 year old coon hound that developed cellulitis which is a bacterial infection deep in the skin. George was in pretty bad shape when his vet at the University of Missouri Veterinary Health Center contacted us. We were able to provide funds to get George the additional care that he needed so that he would be able to stay with his family. Because of the experience with animals that George’s mom had (she is a vet tech), George was able to rehabilitate at home, greatly reducing the costs she was facing.



Elvis was shot in the face by a home intruder and had to be rushed to UM Veterinary Health Clinic for specialist care for the extensive injuries to his jaw and neck.  He spent 10 days in ICU before being discharged to his owner’s, Judith, care.  Medications, food and water came went through a feeding tube.  When Elvis went back in for a checkup, they found that Elvis had developed endocarditis—a disease of the heart valve that developed because of the severity of his gunshot wounds.

Lexie’s Love was able to provide funds for the medications (10, count them 10!) that Elvis needs and we are so happy to hear that he is responding well to treatment—in fact, the feeding tube is out which has to make everything a lot better for everyone.


Thunder has truly been a cat with many lives….all of them full of love.  His first owner was a veteran who unfortunately had cancer, but his neighbor, Rebecca often cared for this fiercely independent, but cuddly cat. It was at this time, she realized that Thunder was deaf.  When Thunder’s owner succumbed to the cancer, he went to live with another neighbor who was subsequently hospitalized and had to move into an assisted living facility. So 10 months ago, Thunder found his forever home with Rebecca.  However, he came with an advanced case of Stomitits which required surgery to remove all teeth with the exception of his “fangs”. Post surgery he is back to his old self, eating kibble and causing all kinds of wonderful mischief.



Mikey is a 15 year old domestic shorthair who was diagnosed with feline diabetes and a heart murmur in 2016 along with a tumor in 2019. With the help of wonderful veterinary staff stabilizing his conditions and continued monitoring, Mikey is a cuddly, loving and happy cat, living life to his fullest.



Young Harry started acting strangely when he hit his head while leaping to attack the family TV antenna. A grant from Lexie’s Love allowed his people to seek medical attention for Harry and it was revealed that he had head trauma and a blood clot. Although Harry was able to go home after what was felt to be successful treatment, a few days later, he had a seizure and passed away.


Momma cat

Momma Cat came to the vet with a variety of issues the most pressing of which were the two masses that had to be removed from her mouth. They had grown to an extent that she was unable to eat well which was further causing issues with her diabetes.

We were able to help defray the costs of of the surgery for a family that was going through a bit of a down time. She is a beautiful cal and provides a great deal of emotional support to the family. Thankfully, the tumors were not cancerous and she has healed up quite well.



When Memphis was referred to Lexie’s Love he was going through so many things, it was hard to pinpoint. With definite inflammatory bowel disease and neurologic issues that have caused seizures and more, it was questionable as to whether Memphis would be able to remain in the home that lovingly adopted him. Memphis’ vet told us he “most likely would have been euthanized with other families due to current concerns and the thought of life long management.” Well, because of the dedication of his medical team and his family, Memphis is thriving and although he couldn’t have real cake for his birthday, his was quite happy with a squeaky!



All Great Pyrenees are happy, but Morgynn might just outshine them all….especially when she found her forever home. Unfortunately, earlier this summer Morgynn began limping and X-rays showed that she had a torn ACL. The vet recommended surgery, but the cost of that just could not be managed. We were able to work with Morgynn’s mom to find another viable treatment plan that could be accomplished at a fraction of the cost. Morgynn is being fitted for a custom brace which she will wear until the tendon is healed….and you can bet she will be stylin'