Information for Veterinarians

The veterinary practice will be the patient’s portal to Lexie’s Love.  At this time, clients must be referred to Lexie’s Love through their veterinarian as you will be able to assess the medical necessity of the treatments as well as the commitment of the owner to their pet.  We hope that your practice will first make an effort to provide clients experiencing financial hardship with a feasible payment plan or, if possible, discounted services for the needed medical care.  If you are not able to offer any financial relief, we hope that you are able to direct them to services such as Care Credit or ScratchPay. This will allow your client to evaluate the feasibility of considering the continuation of treatment. If after this discussion, the pet owner feels he or she may be able to handle the extra costs associated with the treatment plan with a little additional help, we invite you to initiate the online application for a grant for your client. 

While Lexie’s Love is still in its infancy, we have already been able to make a difference in pets and their owner’s lives.  With your help, we can do more.  You know your clients and you know their pets. If you wish to provide them with a funding opportunity, please contact Lexie’s Love via the Veterinarian Referral at the link below.

After we review the Referral, we will notify you as to whether an application will be considered.  If we elect to consider the application, we will provide you with a password to give to your client so that they can fill out a confidential, online application. Please be aware that there may be some instances where your office staff will need to help clients fill out the online form. Once approved, your client will be eligible for a grant of up to $500 to be used specifically for the treatment cited on your Referral. Funds will be paid directly to your practice.

Please do not refer any of the following types of pets: Farm animals (chickens, goats, pigs, cows), Horses, Exotic Animals (peacocks, hedgehogs, primates, exotic cats, etc), shelter and/or rescue animals, animals used in the course of a breeding business, or animals you suspect to be used in any illegal manner.

Please click here to initiate the Veterinarian Referral for a medical grant.

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AVMF will reimburse member veterinarians for donated medical care provided to pet owners in need. For program and enrollment information for the AVMF Veterinary Care Charitable Fund, click here:

AVMF Veterinary Care Charitable Fund: